Red Bird Little Kid's Hand Puppet - Made Just For Tiny Hands!


Not to be confused with the football, baseball, or Catholic version of the same name, these little guys are a breed to themselves. Ours are very special because both the males AND females are brightly colored. Unfortunately both sexes also bite.

Hand Puppets are just plain fun. They play and talk and say things that would never come out of your kid's mouth. :) These puppets are made just for smaller hands...from 18 months to about 10 years, these puppets will be the perfect toy for your little one. Smaller, easier to operate, just cute as can be! And they are so sturdy you can machine wash and dry them! This is a toy that will last until your child outgrows it, and there aren't many toys out there you can say that about!

We've also heard rumors of these being used in pairs for mittens, and untold numbers for doorknob and golf club covers, but no matter what you use them for...they still bite! Sorry, no matter what we try, no matter what we do, they all bite. Each and every one of them.


We are happy to refund the purchase price of items returned to us within 7 days. If you're out of the country we understand it might take longer to get to us. Please contact us for more information! :)

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