We Make Fun Stuff!

Craft follows life around here. We had kids, so I made cute little kid things. We had pets, so I made cute pet things. I like cute little things, and I love fun things. All the crochet patterns are my own, some of the sewing patterns are borrowed. All of our items have been tested beyond the point of reason by creatures tame and wild. The pets are pretty tame, some of the kids were pretty wild. :)

You know how people say "from a smoke- and pet-free home"? Well, while none of us smoke, we do have just about every pet imaginable. We try very hard to keep them away from the crafts, with a high degree of success, but if you happen to find a hair, feather, quill, or bristle with your item, we are so very, very sorry. Tell us what color it is, and we'll tell you what animal it came from.

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