Cupcakes Little Critter Plush Snuggle Sleep Sack Bed for Your Favorite Little Pet

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This item will be made to order, just for you! :)

This bag is 100% bright and colorful cotton cloth sewn as a double exposed seams to get tangled in! It is lined with soft, fluffy, pill-resistant fleece, and the mouth is held open with a ring of plastic, a style much preferred by our hedgies over the flat bags. Measurements are about 11x9", which is roomy for two or three adults to share, snuggly for four adults, and downright spacious for a single adult. Roomy and comfortable and deep enough for a mommie to feel quite safe hiding her babies in the back of it.

Your pet will sleep in it, play in it, and hide in it. They may do other things in it too...which is why they are 100% machine wash and dry.

I've been told that these would also be suitable for rats, chinchillas, sugar gliders, and guinea pigs. This is quite possible, but I just have hedgehogs, so that's all I can vouch for personally. :)


We are happy to refund the purchase price of items returned to us within 7 days. If you're out of the country we understand it might take longer to get to us. Please contact us for more information! :)

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