Spare Splines for Small or Large Tents


It doesn't happen often, but occasionally someone snaps their spline. Or loses one. Here's a replacement....just in case you might need it. :)

The purchaser of this item will receive two splines for either a small or large tent, your choice! They will have the protective caps on the end, but they will not be in a spare tent. Sorry about that! :) They will, however, ship in an envelope as big as the ones we ship tents in. I know, it's silly, but it's the way it must be done.

All tents are different, so slight trimming may be needed for the perfect fit. It's fairly easy...slip off the protective cap, trim off a VERY SMALL portion, put cap back on, try again. Please do it a tiny bit at a time. A very small difference is all it takes to fit most tents, honest. :)


We are happy to refund the purchase price of items returned to us within 7 days. If you're out of the country we understand it might take longer to get to us. Please contact us for more information! :)

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